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November 3 2020US Elections, the most historic date in the history of the world because of the anticipation of who would become the next President of the superpower and one of the most respected countries in the world : The United States of America.

Even those who were not Americans looked forward to this day and followed closely the US Elections and were in dire suspense as to who would be the next president between Donald Trump and Joe Biden. The two official candidates of the Republican and Democratic Party respectively had begun their campaigns since the beginning of the year 2020. Later in August 2020, Joe Biden chose Kamala Harris to be his running mate against Donald Trump and to run for Vice-President. Kamala Harris is the first black woman and South Asian American to have been put in this role.

Kamala Harris - US elections Vice president
Kamala Harris – US elections Vice president

After 4 excruciating days of impatience and suspense, on 7 November 2020, the media announced that Joe Biden had been chosen to be the next president of the United States of America. The US was turned upside down. The whole world was turned upside down. Everyone hoped for their candidate to win and they regularly checked electoral college votes in the swing states that would either make or destroy the career of the next US President.

US Elections 2020

According to the media, Donald Trump won with 73,537,155 votes and 232 electoral college votes and Joe Biden won with 79,390,532 votes and 290 electoral college votes. The number that was needed to be declared a winner were 270 electoral college votes.

So far, Donald Trump has refused to formally concede as President. He filed a number of lawsuits and asked for recounts in a number of swing states such as  Pennsylvania, Michigan and Georgia because these were Republican states which he said he was sure to win and that there had been fraud. 

Why is it that the up to now the US is still in turmoil and not everyone accepts the results?

As one can clearly see, Donald Trump received over 49% of the votes and half of The United States still supports him strongly despite all the bad media and things that have been said about him. That is why Donald Trump still feels he can do whatever he wants apart from the fact that he is still the official President of the United States until 20 January 2021.

The elections of the United States are not yet over

There is recounting going on, the states have not called it and there are lawsuits that have been filed that will need to be resolved plus numerous other procedures before the next president of the United States is announced. Another fact is that Donald Trump has not conceded nor given a concession speech so Joe Biden cannot be the president elect. It is a complicated debate and issue going on right now and the US people plus whole world’s eyes are wide open to see what will happen next.

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