2.500$prix total
  • 19 janvier 2023
  • London, Ontario

registered caracal kitten available

Hello and welcome. We have for sale young born Servals and caracals – Leptailurus serval (African serval / Savannah serval). Kittens ready to be retrieved with a set of vaccinations and documents – born in our legal and registered cattery. Servals from an early age are socialized (bottle-fed), taught to use the litter box. They are used to living in a house with other pets. The parents come from the best kennels in Europe. If you are interested, please contact us by phone or on our whatsapp (00447476837635). About us: We are a legal kennel with many years of breeding tradition. Our adult cats come from the best selected European catteries, which guarantees the best quality of young kittens, free from genetic defects, which we guarantee. You can see our Google Exotic Pet Kennel. Servals after purchase must be registered at the Town Hall. For registration, we issue full documentation of the origin of the animal when purchasing a serval. To have a serval at home as a pet, you do not need


  • Type d'animal : Chat
  • la race : caracal