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  • 17 février 2021
  • Kingston, Ontario
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bengal kittens available for adoption

I give my kittens available for adoption for good either just because I don’t have enough time to take either of them
my kittens are 10 weeks old
So I have a male who is called Jack
and the female is called zeyna

our kittens are very obedient; intelligent, sociable, affectionate and playful, very sweet, tender and accommodating they are kittens very attached and very devoted to their master who likes to show their love every day, they get along well with children and other animals, it is is a bit of the cat dogs that you can walk on a leash, you can learn from the tower and wait for your return behind the door, they must have a permanent presence, whether human or animal.


  • Type d'animal : Chat
  • la race : bengal

treicy jonhson

24Church street
Kingston, Ontario, 01000
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